FlowTech Mechanical Services - Alpharetta Heating and Air Conditioning

Commercial Heating & Air Services

FlowTech Mechanical Services, LLC specializes in commercial & industrial heating and
air conditioning for the North Metro Atlanta Area. 


With over 25 years of experience we are able to expertly handle:

- Commercial self contained units (SWUDS)
- Rooftop heat/cool units Chillers (air cooled and water cooled)
- Computer rooms Air cooled and water cooled heat pumps
- Specialty humidification (including steam)
- Cooling tower service and replacement Boilers (both hot water AND steam)
- VAV/PIU BoxesVariable frequency drives
- Make up air units and ventilation systems
- Commercial water heaters


Some of the services we provide:

- Air Conditioning Service
- Air Conditioning Repair
- Air Conditioning Replacement
- HVAC Maintenance
- Furnace
- Service/Repair and Replacement/Including  Heat Pumps
- Humidifiers
- Commercial Roof Top Service/Repair and Replacement
- Water Heater Installation
- Thermostat replacement/Programmable or Non-Programmable


We highly recommend Planned Service Agreements (PSA) to all of our customers. Preventative maintenance will mean fewer breakdowns and longer life for your HVAC equipment. The equipment is inspected for early signs of wear and tear and all components are tested for proper operation.


Each of our PSA customers is visited monthly, quarterly or semi-annually to have their HVAC system serviced. 


A PSA ensures that your equipment lasts longer, has fewer breakdowns and runs as efficiently as possible. 
FlowTech PSA customers recieve top priority response.


Each planned service visit consists of the following operations:

- Change filters (provided by FlowTech)
- Flush condensate drain
- Inspect indoor coil      
- Inspect safety devices for proper operation
- Inspect condenser coil
- Inspect disconnect box
- Monitor operating pressures of refrigerant
- Inspect electrical for exposed wiring
- Monitor volts/amps on fan motor
- Inspect temperature difference supply/return
- Tighten all electrical connections
- Clean condenser coil/remove debris
- Test/inspect contractors
- Inspect service valves for proper operation
- Monitor compressor for proper amperage/volt draw
- Furnish customer with technician’s detailed report



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